Woodshed in progress

You may think this woodshed looks unfinished and you’d be right.   Some customers will want to finish the work themselves to save costs or for the creative pleasure of their own project.  In this case, we delivered the materials and set up the uprights and the roofing.  We will always respect customer’s wishes.

Barn raising in Bucks

We’ve been travelling around a lot recently.  The last job was making a palace for guinea pigs in Kent.  This one is a slate-roofed barn in a garden in Buckinghamshire.  Designed in consultation with the client and built from scratch.  As usual assisted by Milo.  Wood was sourced from our experts at http://www.linnellbros.co.uk in Silverstone.



Emergency woodshed

Well, you may ask “why the emergency?”.  The answer is that the customer had arranged for some reconfiguring in his house to begin next Monday, which meant moving out the contents of his woodstore by this weekend.  So on Wednesday, we shifted about some of our other work, discussed with the customer what was needed, and built this woodshed against a barn wall.5